Series P85-P95



They’re high precision RTV-2 putty silicone rubber which vulcanize at room-temperature with a poly-condensation process. They are used in the dental labs. They’re composed of polysiloxane which may be mixed with a gel catalyst. The main properties are fast curing time, high final hardness, soft mixture, good stability, good detail’s reproduction and resistance to deformations. They’re suitable for reproduction of masks for the manufacture of skeletally and temporary prosthetics and for all application where duplication is required.

How to use

The use is simple: after adding the catalyst in the right quantities, you knead the product powerfully with fingers until you get an even colouring, without stripes. The working time, mixing included, is about 2 minutes at room temperature using gel catalyst. The hardening occurs in 6 minutes. The curing speed is influenced by the temperature. We recommend to work in an isothermal place at 23°C. Higher temperatures accelerate the curing times, lower temperatures reduce them. We suggest to keep our products in their original packaging, well-closed at a temperature between +7°C and +27°C, in well-aired places. Close always the caps after use.

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