Application areas: Research for use

The R&D laboratory has developed a wide range of RTV-2 poly-condensation and poly-addition silicone rubber, both paste and fluids.RTV-2 silicone rubber are widely used in the industrial processes. Their optimal mechanical and physical characteristics, their easy working properties and their process fastness, make silicone rubber very versatile and suitable for countless applications. Feinchimica attention is also referred to the paramedical work field, with both poly-condensation and poly-addition silicone rubber. Our aim is to provide the tools needed to favour and improve the patient’s wellness. In this site section are reported our silicone rubber use fields.

Feingosil silicone rubber are used in:

icon aluminium foundry footwear

Aluminium foundry in the footwear field

Creating of aluminium matrices for the soles production. The silicone is used to realize the matrices for forming refractory plaster moulds. Suitable for the production of aluminium moulds to  make soles.

icon mould making silicone rubber

Mould Making

Production of flexible and resistant moulds used in the reproduction of wax, plaster, poly-ester/poly-urethane resins objects.

Artistic foundry & restoration

Production of statues, frames and artistic works as religious articles, artificial wood decoration, artistic ceramics. Production of moulds for the restoration of plaster or concrete architectural elements.

icon Model making and Hobby objects


Production of polyester or polyurethane resin objects of various size, for example models on scale of ships, cars, airplanes, trains, soldiers.


Production of wax models, even by pressure injection, to realize jewellery.

icon cement


Production of very large moulds with different shapes in which the concrete is poured. The pieces produced are used to realize decorative elements, walls or fences.

icon silicone rubber for pad printing

Pad Printing

Production of soft and flexible pads used in the pad printing process. It is an indirectly printing process that allows to produce, in a simple way with high fidelity details, drawings, writings and decorations on flat, concave, convex or irregular surfaces.

icon silicone rubber for special effects

Special effects

Production of static scenic elements, fictional characters, animals. Prostheses that reproduce faithfully the skin.

icon chiropody silicone rubber


Production of heels and orthotics made for shoes.
Realization of orthoses used for correction of defects of the foot.

icon dental labs silicone rubber

Dental Labs

Fluid poly-addition silicone rubber for dental duplication and high precision putty with high hardness, excellent dimensional stability and easy to use.

Information and requests

We produce silicone rubber for different application. We can also produce ad hoc products according to customer specifications and/or in private label.