Series 5400T Silicone poly addition rubber



They are bi-component RTV-2 silicone rubber vulcanizing at room temperature with a poly-addition process. They are biocompatible, non-toxic and they don’t release any substances both during and after the curing. Its particular formulation allows to produce transparent and translucent moulds with high mechanical strength, high flexibility and resistance, high details reproduction.

How to use

Make sure that the model to duplicate is perfectly clean and dry. Before using shake well the bottles of part A and part B. Mix exactly the same quantity (1:1) of part A and part B. If the proportions are not exactly, the curing times and the final properties can be different. Mix about a minute until a homogeneous mixture is obtained, then pour it on the model to duplicate. To reduce air bubbles, we suggest a vacuum de-airing treatment before pouring the silicone rubber, compatible with the curing times. The curing speed is influenced by the temperature. We recommend to work in an isothermal place at 23°C. Higher temperatures accelerate the curing times, lower temperatures reduce them. The cured silicone can be demoulded after the time shown on the label (Setting time). In order to reach the best performance of the moulds, we suggest to wait for 24 hours before using them.  Some inhibitions to vulcanization process may occur when the silicone rubber get in contact with amines, plasticines, metal salts, sulphur, tin catalyst and poly-condensation silicone rubber. To avoid any inhibition problems, we recommend a preliminary test for the compatibility of the silicone on the material to duplicate. The products, when stored under appropriate conditions, are stable and usable for 12 months. We suggest to keep the products in their original packaging, well-closed at a temperature between +7°C and +27°C, in well-aired places. Close always the bottles after use. Do not reverse the cap.

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