icon aluminium foundry footwear

Aluminium foundry in the footwear field

For this work field we recommend the use of Feingosil Series 5. They are bi-component RTV-silicone rubber curing at room temperature with a poly-condensation process.

They’re cheap, very fluid with fast vulcanizing. They have a low tear strength, therefore they’re recommended for limited replicas of simple moulds, without particular undercuts. They’re suitable for aluminium foundries working in the footwear field. They’re used to create aluminium matrixes for the production of soles.

Application: weigh 100 parts of Feingosil (Base), add 5 parts of Catalyst, mixing. Working time is less than 20 minutes and setting time is about 2 hours. If the curing is too fast, use Catalyst 5 Slow, so it will be slower. Working time 45 minutes, setting time 6 hours. If the curing is too slow, use Catalyst 5 Fast, so it will be faster. Working time 10 minutes, setting time 1 hour.

Silicone rubber Feingosil for Aluminium foundry in the footwear field

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