Silicone Rubbers

production of poly-condensation
and poly-addition silicone rubber RTV-2
that cure at room temperature

Research and Development

R&D laboratory has developed a wide range of
poly-condensation and poly-addition RTV-2 silicone rubber

Own production

The ability to self-produce our products allows us
to control all the step of our productions
maintaining high-quality standards

25 years of experience in the production of silicone rubbers for Mould Making

Since 1992 Feinchimica produces both pourable and putty poly-condensation or poly-addition RTV-2 silicone rubbers for mould-making,with the trademark FEINGOSIL. Private label is also available. They are bi-component RTV-2 silicone rubbers, vulcanizing at room temperature and they are used for the production of elastic moulds. A lot of customers in Italy and all around the world use our silicones due to their performance and easy use.

RTV-2 Silicone rubber for industrial field

RTV-2 Silicone rubber for para-medical field

News and events

News from R&D lab, information on fairs we attend

NEW Feingosil 5 AL/55-R

NEW Feingosil 5 AL/55-R

Feingosil 5 AL/55-R is a pourable bi-component RTV-2 silicone rubber vulcanizing at room temperature with a poly-condensation process. For its mechanical properties (high heat resistance and high hardness), it’s particularly suitable to protect electrical and...

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NEW Feingosil PA 870 silicone rubber for dental labs

NEW Feingosil PA 870 silicone rubber for dental labs

Feinchimica has developed a new high precision putty poly-addition silicone rubber for dental labs (linear shrinkage < 0.1%). The high final hardness (70 Shore A) gives excellent dimensional stability, details reproduction, resistance to deformation.

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Gel Siliconici per duplicazione dentaleSilicone gels

Descrizione: I siliconi fluidi di poliaddizione ad alta precisione (ritiro < 0.1%) sono ideali per la duplicazione dentale. Sono caratterizzati da una da un'elevata fluidità, un facile degasaggio, una rapida catalisi, un’eccellente riproduzione dei dettagli,...

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