High precision polyaddition thixotropic silicones (shrinkage < 0.1%) are ideal for reproducing gingival morphology on fixed and implant prosthetic models with both direct and indirect techniques. They are characterized by balanced hardness, ease of application and use, rapid catalysis, and excellent detail reproduction. They have excellent dimensional stability over time and excellent compatibility with phosphate coatings, polyurethane resins and plasters.

How to use

Some inhibitions to vulcanization process may occur when the silicone rubber get in contact with amines, plastilines, metal salts, sulphides, tin catalysts and poly-condensation silicone rubbers. Surfaces touching the GINGIDENT must be perfectly clean and oil-free, otherwise the setting can be contaminated. A result of contamination is that Gingifast will appear partially sticky and not seem to set properly in certain areas. Polyvinylsiloxanes have an excellent dimensional stability, so the product will maintain a precise gingival margins for a long period of time. Addition silicones have an excellent elastic memory, that’s why the template can be repeatedly inserted and removed from the model. However tear strength is proportional to those cutting features which the product was made for. Therefore, we suggest you to pay attention when stressing the material, as it could snap. It is very important to use the separator in order to avoid: 1) Adhesion, eg contact with addition or condensation silicones; 2) Incompatibility: eg contact with polyether-based impression materials.

serie 900 gomme siliconiche di poliaddizione

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