Accelerante F Catalyst for poly-condesation silicone rubber

Accelerator F is a very fast catalyst for poly-condesation silicone rubber. It can be used with Feingosil 5 AL/M, 5 AL/V and 5 AL/S to reduce the curing times. It can be used pure in the percentage between 3 and 5%, or in addition to the normal catalyst.


ASPECT: Viscous fluid
COLOUR/ODOUR: Odourless/weak, ethereal
SOLUBILITY: Not mixable in water, dispersible in most of solvents
MIX RATIO: 100:3 to 100:5
VISCOSITY: 50 ÷ 200 mPa∙s

Curing properties

ASPETTO: Fluido viscoso
CARATTERE CHIMICO: RTV-2 per condensazione
COLORE: Bianco
ODORE: Inodore
PESO SPECIFICO: 1.27 ± 0.02 g/cm3
VISCOSITÀ: 6.000 mPa∙s

Properties of the cross linked product

* The data given are typical values which are not intended for use in preparing specifications. The information given here is based on our present state of knowledge and is published without obligation on our part. Test has done at 23°C and 50% of RH.


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